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BirdLife Australia is excited to reveal the champions of the sixth annual BirdLife Australia Photography Awards.

This esteemed competition attracts numerous submissions each year from photographers spanning various ages and expertise levels, including some of Australia’s most skilled. Following careful consideration, our panel of judges has selected nine winners in each category from a shortlist of 68 photographs.

The winning images serve as a homage to the remarkable and varied birdlife found in Australia, delivering a compelling message. We anticipate that these photographs will motivate more individuals to engage with, value, and safeguard birds and the environment.

Gratitude is extended to our generous sponsors, Nikon Australia and Lake Cowal Foundation, whose support ensures the winners partake in a substantial prize pool. However, the beneficiaries of this competition extend beyond the photographers, as the proceeds from entry fees contribute to BirdLife Australia’s bird conservation initiatives. In the current year, these funds will aid the Birds on Farms project in central west New South Wales, assisting landowners in preserving, restoring, and reestablishing threatened woodland bird habitats on their properties.

Tim Van Leeuwen, President of Birdlife Photography, expresses enthusiasm for this year’s exceptional participation, with over 6,000 entries.

“Since 2018, the BirdLife Australia Photography Awards have facilitated BirdLife Photography in contributing $65,000 to support specific projects benefiting our magnificent Australian birds. Congratulations to our winners – your images are truly spectacular.”

This Photography Awards program is a collaborative effort between BirdLife Australia and BirdLife Photography, a special interest group that welcomes bird enthusiasts passionate about photography. With an extensive online gallery showcasing Australian birds, BirdLife Photography advocates for ethical bird photography, aspiring to encourage and assist photographers dedicated to capturing the beauty of Australian birds.

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